Seimiek’s take on street art’s move out of the city

Siemiek in Canta Gallo, Peru

I spoke briefly with Peruvian artist Seimiek about a trend in street art I’ve seen a lot of in the past 2 years, one that that extends street art outside of the city and interacts with a new audience; perhaps forming new intent and meaning behind the works done by artists who’ve started to put colors in forgotten towns.

Siemiek in Canta Gallo, Peru

Laura Calle: I’ve noticed a lot of street artists have started to put up works outside the city, how do you think this changes the dynamics in your art?

Seimiek: I went outside of the city in search of new places to paint, in which case I did find new spots and the experience changed into something that gave me new ideas. New places, new ideas.

Siemiek in Canta Gallo, Peru

Laura Calle: What was your initial reason or purpose that has influenced you to paint in places like Canta Gallo?

Seimiek: I wanted to find new spots. When I went to Canta Gallo for the first time, there was a reaction by people that made me want to continue working there. I think, that that is what has made the whole experience so awesome. People will tell you, “come here, paint this spot, here here!” and then you go and finish painting that spot and they tell you how much they like it or how why they aren’t into it. That’s what made me come back. The difference in painting in the city is that you will finish something, sometimes you finish it only half way, and you leave the spot to sometimes find it gone in a few days.

Siemiek in Canta Gallo, Peru

Photos courtesy of Seimiek


I noticed his work a couple of years ago and I became a fan immediately. He is not only from the same country that i am from ( Peru) but he is also doing street art and is in fact really good!

I used to only hear about street artists from the other countries in South America, except  Peru, and to  discover Seimiek and his crew (the multidisciplinary art collective Fumakaka) made me realize the wonderful street art scene that is growing in South America, not just in Brazil but everywhere on the continent…

These are some new pieces by Seimiek:

Photos by Seimiek