In San Juan, PR — “Los Muros Hablan” Part III: Jaz, Eyel, Pun18 and Hello Again

Jaz — from Argentina — at work

During our brief visit to Puerto Rico, we had the chance to view Jaz — one of our favorite artists — at work and discover the enchanting aesthetics of Mexican artist Eyel and local artists Pun18 and Tony Rodriguez, Josue Oquendo, Aslan Uno, and Esteban Ruiz of the Puerto Rican arts collective, Hello Again. Here are some more images:

Eyel — from Mexico — at work
Pun18 in progress
Pun18, close-up from completed mural
Hello Again, close-up in progress

Photo credits: Jaz and Hello Again by Lois Stavsky; Eyel by Dani Mozeson; Pun18 in progress by Lenny Collado and close-up courtesy of the artist

In San Juan, PR — “Los Muros Hablan” Part II: Sego, El Coro, Ever & Neuzz

Sego close-up

As the walls continue to speak in the Santurce district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, they have begun to attract increasing attention and admiration from passersby. We even noticed a group of students speaking with Mexican artist, Neuzz. Here are a few images of works in progress by: Sego, also from Mexico, Rimx & the Puerto Rican El Coro collective, Ever from Argentina, and Neuzz from the Carribean’s first international urban arts festival:

Rmix close-up from El Coro mural in progress
El Coro Collective
Ever — the beginning
Neuzz with visitors

Photos by Dani Mozeson

In San Juan, PR — “Los Muros Hablan” Part I: Roa, Aryz and Bik-Ismo

Roa at work

The walls are talking in Puerto Rico, as over a dozen first-rate artists are busy gracing the walls of the Santurce district of San Juan. Organized by local artists Celso Gonzalez and Alexis Diaz of La Pandilla, along with Emil Medina of Buena Vibra, “Los Muros Hablan” marks the Carribean’s largest urban arts festival. Not only are we seeing some of our favorite artists at work, but we are also meeting many whose works is new to us. Here are just a few images we took today — many more to come:

Roa at work
Aryz at work
Local artist Bik-Ismo at work

Sponsored by Coor Light, “Los Muros Hablan” continues through the 14th.

Photos of Roa by Lois Stavsky; photo of Aryz by Dani Mozeson and of Bik-Ismo by Lenny Collado