Mural collaborations in Dresden

Bauhaus by contemporary vandal duo Graphic Surgery. Photo by Graphic Surgery

Two shapely walls from the CityBilder mural project in Dresden by Graphic Surgery and Kenor & H101. Other artist collaborations were Frm & Otecki, Other & SaddoRyan Spring Dooley & Moneyless, and Stefan Schwarzer & Jens Besser. CityBilder was organized by Riesa Efau, Kultur Forum Dresden, Frank Eckhardt and Jens Besser.

Kenor and H101. Photo by Lucky Cat

Photos by Graphic Surgery and -Lucky Cat-

Strange Fables

A few days ago Couture Gallery in Stockholm opened their latest show Strange Fables. The exhibit features new works by the likes of Herakut, Saddo, Labrona, Other, Ruskig, and Angest. Here are some shots sent to us by Labrona that I thought I would post.


As If By Magic

Looks like a really solid line up for this show, As If By Magic, at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin:

Every serious art show should have a theme, subject, or a suggestive title. This show does all that but it also makes an exception. The title doesn’t refer to a specific subject or theme, but tries to say something about the works of every artist who takes part in this show, about the strange gathering of a few people from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, experiences and styles, who want to meet and show their works and paint together. And it also tries not to say too much…

The works of each of the 8 artists in the show, have a more or less obvious magical, fantastical component or feeling: the geometrical, almost abstract fantastical characters of 1010, the intricate world populated by chubby cute creatures of Aitch, the paintings/collages of pop characters, crude colors, hyper realistic landscapes and potraits of Juan Carlos Noria, the expressionistic compositions of characters grouped almost like in magical processions in the works of Labrona, the delicious multi eyed/handed/faced monstrous characters of Noper, the magical mix of realistic portraits, intricate colorful patterns and grotesque members in Other’s characters, the dreamy/nightmarish characters or pencil drawn animations of Produkt and the colorful backgrounds, mystical graphical signs and the cute or grotuesque fantastical creatures of Saddo.

Also, the 8 artists are somehow connected to each other – either they met at some point in their lives, lived in the same city or worked together before in different formations;, but never all of them appeared in the same show, under this line-up – and now they are brought together not through the powers of hazard or fate, but almost…as if by magic.