Weekend link-o-rama


I’m headed to Nuart next week, so expect updates to be sporadic any maybe Nuart-focused. Should be a great festival. Here’s what I missed this week:

Photo by Stinkfish

Weekend link-o-rama


It’s time to talk about what other people have been talking about:

Photo by GoddoG

Two shows worth checking out this week


Tomorrow night sees the opening of two rather good looking shows. First up for all you London folk is Roid’s debut solo show, More Than Ever. Judging by what I have seen Roid produce in the past, this show looks like one not to miss. But be quick, its only open until June 3rd.

And secondly, we travel East to Bristol to Art-el Gallery and the opening of a solo show by Erms – Everything begins with an E. Again, the following video looks quality, so get down there and check out the art on show.

Photo by RJ Rushmore

Weekend link-o-rama

Overunder in Bridgeport, CA

For me, this week was spent thinking way too much about the digital humanities at Re:Humanities. You may be asking what that is. I’m still not entirely sure, but I think it means using YouTube and Twitter to learn important stuff rather than to watch laughing-baby-related videos and talk about the last hamburger you ate. Still, interesting stuff. Kinda helps justify running a blog. Here’s what I was reading when I was trying not to waste my time on the web:

Photo by Overunder

Revok, Roid and Rime at Known Gallery

Revok, Rime and Roid of the MSK crew have a show together opening this weekend at Known Gallery in LA. I know Rime doesn’t like being mentioned on sites like Vandalog, so let’s instead focus on two very talented writers: LA’s Revok and the UK’s Roid. Revok is probably best known for recently getting out of prison in LA for a graffiti-related charge, but one reason that case got so much attention is that Revok is a guy who gets up, and looks good doing it. If there are still kings in an internet age, Revok is one. Roid represents MSK in the UK, and has technical skills that few writers can match. This piece by Roid is one of my favorite pieces of graffiti I’ve ever had the chance to photograph.

The show is called Perseverance and will be open August 20th through September 12th. Definitely one for graffiti fans to check out.

Here’s a little preview… I think most of these pieces are by Revok, but I’m not positive. If you do know who did what, give me a shout.

Rime or Revok?
Roid or Revok?

Photos courtesy of Known Gallery