Weekend link-o-rama


I’m headed to Nuart next week, so expect updates to be sporadic any maybe Nuart-focused. Should be a great festival. Here’s what I missed this week:

Photo by Stinkfish

Weekend link-o-rama

Galo and Pixelpancho in Miami (click to view large)

Well, I was expecting to see my family today, but snow in London have half of them stuck there. Luckily, snow where I am in Colorado is keeping me busy. Too busy to post very much unfortunately. Here’s what I’ve been missing:

Roadsworth Movie Trailer

Roadsworth is one of the coolest Canadian street artists I can think of. His work is the sort of thing that anybody can enjoy. Even those government officials that usually do their best to buff any street art or graffiti they see.

Found this video today, it’s the trailer to a documentary that has been made about Roadsworth. The dvd isn’t for sale yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

Via Urban Prankster