Outside Insight in Belgium


Coming this weekend to my favorite Belgian city, Ghent, are some of my favorite (relatively) undiscovered street artists. Robots Will Kill is going to be there, as well as Roa and Snub23. Check out more about Outside Insight online, and hopefully somebody there will be taking photos.

Roa: My Favorite Artist You’ve Never Heard Of

If I were to buy one big original work by a street artist tomorrow, it would probably be something by Roa. Roa’s from Belgium, and doesn’t do that much work outside of his home country (at least not that I’ve found), but he’s just done some amazing walls in New York.

Roa Factory Fresh
Roa at Factory Fresh. Photo by Luna Park

Roa paints animals, usually in black and white, and sometimes includes their skeleton or internal organs. And he goes big.


Roa Rabbit and Bird

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