Urban Angel – The Show Must Go On

Yesterday I had the chance to see Urban Angel’s latest group show, The Show Must Go On.

There are a bunch of artists involved in the show, but I’ve just picked a few high (and low) lights to cover here.

As usual, Best Ever is coming out with even better work. These guys have continued to develop their style into something distinctive and just plain cool to look at.

Best Ever
Best Ever

Also some cool work from Remi. Just when I think I’m going to get tired of his stuff, he paints something to get me interested again. The sketch in particular caught my eye.

Remi Sketch

Ok and now for that lowlight (is that a word?) I mentioned. Mantis. Mantis has done some work that I like. His work at Hackney Wick is not to be missed and I’m sure that if this stencil had been by Banksy, it would be worth a couple hundred grand. But his latest piece by Old Street just doesn’t cut it for me. I get the message, but it’s about 10 months too late and not that great to begin with. And why does he have to turn that image into a print release and an original work after being on the street for less than a month?


Surely, the message is now completely gone. The way I saw this piece on the street, it is about how people paid absurd amounts of money for Banksy’s work, which is often meant to make a poltical statement about poverty, when instead they could spend that money actually helping some starving African kids. And now I’m expected to buy that image from Mantis. No thank you.

So as to not end on such a sour note, let me say that there is also new work from Mikael Alacoque in the show, and though I could never have one of those dogs in my house all the time, they sure are fun to go and have a look at.

Photos by WallKandy

Remi/Rough and System’s Installation Show

This tweet from Remi/Rough earlier today is now making sense. He and System have a show opening this Thursday at Nancy Victor Gallery, but its just paintings on the walls. No work for sale. I’ll be there. Will you?

Nacy Victor Gallery

Check out this wall they’ve painted there. Looks beautiful, though at least in jpeg I don’t think System can pull of random colors for a portrait as well as say Adam Neate.

Remi System Wall

New Remi/Rough Canvases

Each time I see new work from Remi/Rough, I warm up to him a bit more. He’s just posted a few new canvases on flickr, and I think they’re some of his best work yet. I will note though, I’ve seen some pieces of his in person which are much more powerful in person than in jpeg, and some that are the other way around, so I’d be interested to see how these are in person.

Study of Letter 'R'
Study of Letter 'R'
Son of Fall
Son of Fall

Photos from Remi/Rough’s flickr

Prophet Or Pro£it @ Pure Evil Gallery

Prophet or Profit

An exhibition of collaborative artworks by –
Juice 126
@ Pure Evil Gallery. 108 Leonard Street. EC2A 4RH
Juice 126 has recently shown at Nancy Victor, Mutate Britain and Jibbering Art in his hometown of Birmingham, Part2ism, has recently been showing in Black Rat Press, Mutate Britain and Kounter Kulture with a solo show at Urban Angel in March, Remi/Rough has recently shown at Urban Angel, Mutate Britain and 401 Contemporary in Berlin and also spoken at the Tate Modern.
System has shown in Strasbourg, 401 Contemporary in Berlin and has a March solo show at Galerie Nuble in Santander in March.
All artworks are one off collaborations.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see us back in action together.
For more Info contact Pure Evil Gallery –
Looks like a really good concept for a show. Remi/Rough recently did some collaborations with Grafter which turned out really well, so I’m excited to see how his style works with these other artists.

On a related note, Part2ism has done a new piece outside Urban Angel’s Art Lounge:

Photo by mermaid99
Photo by mermaid99

Photo by mermaid 99