Cash for Your Warhol

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cash for your warhol somerville ave

I like recession inspired street art, and Hargo’s “Cash For Your Warhol” series has really caught my eye. Just a few days ago I was watching television and it seemed like half the advertising time was taken up by adverts for

cash for your warhol east boston

cash for your warhol brighton

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Recession-Inspired Street Art

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How I haven’t done this post yet I don’t know.

Street art is a chance for the average Joe to voice their opinions and concerns and to connect with the rest of the public. Often, that means artists put out work that is subversive or anti-corporate. For these reasons, it is only natural that the recession makes it way into street art. So here’s some of the best recession-themed street art I’ve found. Add your favorites in the comment section.

K-Guy's "Bank of Sonia and Mike"

K-Guy's "Bank of Sonia and Mike"

Icon Propaganda's "Where's My Bailout?"

Icon Propaganda's "Where's My Bailout?" photo by shoehorn99

Above's "What Goes Up Must Come Down"

Above's "What Goes Up Must Come Down"

More recession themed street art after the jump… Read the rest of this article »

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