Shows this week

I’ve got a few shows opening this week to highlight, most of them in London, one in Brazil.


Let’s start in Brazil. Sixeart has his first solo show in Brazil opening on Tuesday the 11th.


Sixeart “Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas”

In 2008 the Spanish artist Sixeart achieved international fame by participating in “STREET ART AT THE TATE MODERN” in London, along with brazilian Os Gemeos, and Nunca,  french JR, united states Faile and italian Blu. Today his works are shown in Spain alongside those of Miró, Chillida and Tapies.

“Sueñan las gallinas con ser humanas” is series of 13 new pieces on paper made exclusively to be exhibited in ROJO®artspace Sao Paulo from 11.08.2009 to  05.09.2009.

ROJO®artspace Sao Paulo
POP. Rua Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto 297,

Pinheiros. 05415-030 Sao Paulo. Brazil
talk: +55 11 3487 1677 online:

And now back to London.

My Thursday evening starts off with a stop over at Lazarides‘ Rathbone Place gallery for Invader show ‘Low Fidelity’. There should be everything we’ve come to expect from the Parisian globe trotter: mosiac video game characters, rubix cubes, QR codes and even sculpture. Personally, I’ve always preferred the thrill of discovering an Invader on the street to seeing it in my home, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying one in the past. I’m curious, though not enthusiastic, about what this show will bring. Plus, everybody knows that Lazarides throws great opening parties.

Then it’s off to Pure Evil’s gallery for his solo show which mixes art and music.

Pure Evil

And then maybe a stop over at Urban Angel for “The Sentiment of Love,” a show of erotic photography.

Friday night I hope to be back in Shoreditch for the launch of London Handstyles at Rarekind Gallery. Another London graffiti book.

Seen Around London

I was walking around Shoreditch the other day to kill some time, and I came across a few new bits on the street that caught my eye.


I went by the RareKind Gallery last night for their opening, and was very presently surprised with the quality of work. Their Chrome and Black crew have been doing great work throughout London lately, but this sticker confused me. I mean, it’s a sticker that says believe in the spray can. They couldn’t at least stencil that?


This mural was always very nice, but I guess Sickboy thought the spot needed an update. Can’t say I mind though, this new piece is pretty nice as well.

Klone Photocopy

No idea who this is by, but the concept is awesome. It’s wheatpasted photos of a piece by Klone that was recently up in the area. I’d like to see more of this, but I’m scared to see them show up for sale next month in the Brick Lane Gallery or somewhere.