Video – Sofles – Limitless

If you haven’t already seen this then make sure you spend 5 minutes and watch one of the best graff videos you will see in a long time.

RJ posted “The Ultimate Timelapse with Sofles” a few months back; and if you thought that was amazing, and it was, this will blow your mind.

Sofles teams up again with Selina Miles (and Ironlak) to create something truly special.

Sofles goes all out for this one. I love the throwies that angle for the camera and the upside down piece, and the awesome surprise at the end. The video also features the work of Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench. The video has already gone viral with pretty much everyone in Australia I know that likes graffiti sharing it on Facebook and has already reached 1.6M views on YouTube in 2 days.

Video by Selina Miles.