Sonni fashions huge boom box on Bowery construction container

Sonni’s distinct aesthetic, marked by bold colors and geometric shapes, has found a second home in the East Village. With his Music Machine on view at Artist Alley @ Extra Place, a huge boom box can now be seen a few blocks north at the Bowery and East 4th Street. Curated once again by Keith Schweitzer, the director of  FABnyc‘s public art program, Sonni’s recent work celebrates the 16th anniversary of New York City’s International Fringe Festival. Here are a few more images of the completed piece:

Photos by Tara Murray

“Groundbreak” Opens as Abe Lincoln, Jr., Jon Burgerman & Ellis Gallagher Transform Artist Alley

This past Thursday, we came upon Jon Burgerman gracing Artist Alley @ Extra Place off East 1st Street between Bowery and 2nd Ave. with his wonderfully zany characters.  Yesterday Tara returned for the artists’ reception, where — she reports — the vibes were as cool as the art. The current artwork remains @ Extra Place through March 18, 2012. Here are some more shots of “Groundbreak” curated by Joyce Manalo of ArtForward & Keith Schweitzer of MaNY Project:

Abe Lincoln, Jr.'s lovable characters
Jon Burgerman's completed sidewalk mural
Abe Lincoln, Jr. in a rather somber pose & Jon Burgerman seemingly as cheerful as his art
Photos by Tara Murray