Paul Insect – Triptease Revue Opens at Post No Bills

Paul Insect, Left Wall Print Line-up

As RJ mentioned a bit ago, Paul Insect has a new show in Los Angeles. A lot of care went into hanging and lighting this one, with the bulk of the work focusing on thematically-appropriate low light and dedicated spots on the pieces to highlight Insect’s bold colors. That being said, the darkest part of the gallery seemed to be the biggest draw, as visitors lingered around the Peep Show Box located in the middle of the room for a chance to peek through the lens. “Triptease Review” runs through December 1st at Post No Bills: 1103 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice, CA 90291.

Front of House at Post No Bills
Paul Insect, Right Wall (Back)
Paul Insect, Right Wall (Front Partition)
Paul Insect, Right Wall (Front)
Paul Insect, Interior of Peep Show Box

Photos by Ryan Gattis

Paul Insect – Triptease Revue at Post No Bills

The UK’s Paul Insect has a show, Triptease Revue, opening next month at Post No Bills in LA. While he might be best known in some circles for reportedly selling a boatload of art to Damien Hirst, Paul Insect has had a presence on the street on and off for years, even collaborating with Sweet Toof on a number of occasions recently. Paul Insect is one of those artists that I’m constantly going back and forth about. I’ll see one piece and love it, and then see another and thing it’s way too obvious, but at least that means he is constantly changing his style up and not getting stuck into one thing. I’m curious to see just what he’s come up with for Triptease Revue. Here are a few teaser shots:

Triptease Revue opens on November 2nd and runs through December 1st.

Photos courtesy of Post No Bills

Ron English round-up

At English 101

Ron English has been busy with projects in LA recently. Here’s some of what he’s been up to:

Photo by Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion