Weekend link-o-rama

R.Satz in London
R.Satz in London

Sorry for all the downtime on Vandalog this week. I dunno what’s up with Vandalog’s web host. If you have suggestions of a good web host that I could move to (even though I just switched to Gandi), let me know. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading:

Photo by RJ Rushmore

Weekend link-o-rama


While I should probably be studying for final exams right now, I’m spending just as much time getting ready for Up Close and Personal, which opens next week in NYC. Check out a preview on Brooklyn Street Art. Here’s some stuff I would have liked to have covered this week:

Photo by TresOhUno

Small Acts of Resistance – Swoon, Armsrock and more at BRP

Photo by unusualimage

Small Acts of Resistance, the latest show at Black Rat Projects, opened on Thursday evening. It’s another one of my dream group shows from Black Rat, with a number of my favorite artists represented. Peter Kennard in particular seems to have really outdone himself with his installation, although I’m hoping to see some more high-res images of that work. Here are a few photos of work by Armsrock, Swoon, Peter Kennard and Know Hope:

Armsrock. Photo by walkingwalls
Peter Kennard. Photo by unusualimage. Click image to view large
Swoon. Photo by unusualimage
Swoon. Photo by unusualimage
Know Hope. Photo by unusualimage

Photos by unusualimage and walkingwalls

Small Acts of Resistance at Black Rat Projects

Swoon, from her current show in Paris

The next show at Black Rat Projects is a group show with some of my favorite artists. Small Acts of Resistance opens on November 4th and includes Know Hope, Armsrock, Matt Small, Dotmasters, Swoon and Peter Kennard. It’s awesome to see Armsrock back at Black Rat Press and Know Hope showing there for the first time. Admittedly, Dotmasters may seem a bit out of place at first, but he did recently paint that wall at Nuart that everyone loved. As for how Swoon will be involved in this show, she will be doing a large installation, presumably similar to her show on now in Paris.

Photo by Guillotine