Moniker Art Fair opens today

Back again this year at Village Underground in London, the Moniker Art Fair is opening today and will be open through Sunday. In contrast to the Frieze art fair (also on this weekend in London), Moniker is free and focuses on work by street artists and low-brow artists. This year, galleries exhibiting at Moniker include Stolenspace, Scream, LeBasse Projects, Shea & Ziegler (Frankie Shea of Moniker/CampBarbossa teaming up with Tina Ziegler) and Andenken Gallery.

The program at this year’s fair is packed, so make sure to check it out before heading over, as there are a number of special events like print releases and artist talks going on. Hooked Blog is running tours of the fair and the surrounding street art on the weekend, something I had a lot of fun doing on a more informal basis last year.

In addition to gallery booths, the fair includes project spaces for individual artists. This year, Matt Small, Beejoir, Best Ever, Peeta, Dabs and Myla will be showing work in the project spaces.

Photo courtesy of Moniker Projects

Peeta’s 3-D Graffiti — Outside and Inside

I’ve always been mesmerized by 3-D graffiti and Venice, Italy’s Peeta is one if its masters.  I’ve seen his pieces on the streets of Brooklyn and at 5-Pointz in Queens, but I wasn’t quite sure how his artwork would transfer to a canvas.  Thanks to the recent Robots Will Kill exhibit at the Vincent Michael Gallery in Philadelphia, I found out. The canvasses captivate — almost as much as the walls do!  The exhibit continues through Saturday at 1050 North Hancock Street.

On the Wall in Bushwick, photo by Tara Murray
Mixed Media on Canvas, photo by Lois Stavsky

Huge new(ish) mural in Vancouver

This mural by Titifreak, Peeta, Indigo and Faith47 was painted last month in Vancouver. I love how it turned out, especially Titifreak’s bit. The wall was painted for a certain event there, but since I have nothing good to say about the manipulative group that organized the mural, I’m not going to give them publicity by linking them up or naming the event. The art looks good though.

Titifreak, Peeta and Indigo

Photos by S.Vegas, who has a whole set of photos of this wall