El Tono – Pedestrian Interaction

Keeping the urban art scene alive in Europe, Spanish street artist El Tono recently put his latest ingenious and experimental idea in to fruition by installing a number of white washed glass panels across the city of Coruña. El Tono’s idea was simple – To bring the essence of the street into the gallery. To do so El Tono would merely instigate the opportunity for the art work to be created,  leaving the entire experiments out come completely in the hands of those who should past by. But of course the plan worked and El Tono would later find creative scratches and scribbles left behind on and around his panels, enabling him to create in this way a new and unique form of street artwork. Once El Tono was satisfied with the art work that he had captured, the panels were removed and displayed in at the Fundación Caixa Galicia during the MUAU in A Coruña. I sure hope those people got some credit!

Watch El Tono at work in the video below!

“Branco de España” – Eltono, MUAU, A Coruña from EltonoVideo on Vimeo.

Photos courtesy of El Tono.com