Peat Wollaeger on the job

Eyez on the Job…in these Modern Times! is a video of Peat Wollaeger putting up a stencil. So you’re probably thinking, “Oh great, another pointless time lapse of street art that probably should have just been shared as a quick photo on twitter, but instead I have to wait 2 minutes to see this finished product while the artist tries to look all cool and rebellious when the whole thing is actually sponsored by a major shoe manufacturer.” Luckily, Peat has a sense of humor, and that’s not what this video is like at all. Instead, it’s Peat’s humorous view of what it’s like to be “a professional street artist” today.

Eyez on the Job…in these Modern Times! from Peat Wollaeger on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of Peat Wollaeger