Sugar Junkie – from Brooklynite and Pawnworks

This 1977 Winnebego was in Miami last week, where it was converted by Brooklynite Gallery and Pawnworks (a really interesting sticker project) into Sugar Junkie, a mobile party and semi-art-gallery. Despite a max speed of about 5 miles per hour, Sugar Junkie made its way around Miami last week, making stops at all the big events and letting just about anyone have a go at painting it. It was covered inside and out. Here are some of the artists whose work can be found on Sugar Junkie: COST, ELIK, MISS BUGS, SPACE INVADER, REMED, VARIOUS & GOULD, AIKO, DAVID WALKER, D-FACE, SKEWVILLE, PERU ANA ANA PERU, COLLIN VAN DER SLUIJS, JOE BLACK, ELUS, SPQR, DAIN, LUDO, CASH4, CHRIS MENDOZA, UFO 907, GAIA, NET KRT, STINKFISH, THUBDERCUT, NOJ, VUDU, LEAS, DDOCK, 5003, CASH FOR YOUR WARHOL, CELSO, RUBY, JULIA, HOPE, PAWNWORKS, RAE.

And here are some more photos:

Photos by Brooklynite Gallery