WASTEDLAND, film by Andrew H. Shirley

Andrew H. Shirley sent over this film of his, WASTEDLAND, that he just recently uploaded to the web. It stars writers Wolftits and Mike 907, and revolves somewhat around a surreal version of the lives of contemporary graffiti writers. This is definitely a bit different from the sort of things I usually post on Vandalog, but it creeped me out and I thought you might want to be creeped out too… Plus it’s interesting to see writers making costumes for themselves.

Shirley sent over this description of the film:

wastedland was shot during a blizzard in january of 2008 in various graffiti spots in brooklyn and queens to create a sense of a post apocalyptic world. two of these spots exist no more having fallen victim to urban renewal. the “toilet factory” was an abandoned industrial space in crown heights, which got its namesake from piles of toilets that had been discarded there. it has been replaced with a paved parking lot. the second, was the old “con edison yard” in red hook which consisted of beautifully stacked concrete monoliths, which is now home to a shitty department store in which the contemporary new yorkers decorate their homes with.

the actors were asked to create wardrobes of what they percieved to be their “inner soul spirit animals” and from these creations a script was written around the characters- ┬áthe plight of the modern stoner and/or booze hound, a proverbial lifelong vision quest of sorts that is taking place in a graffiti covered purgatory.

WASTEDLAND (2008) by Andrew H. Shirley from andrew h. shirley on Vimeo.