Living Walls 2011 – The city speaks

Doodles, Swampy and Greg Mike at Living Walls 2010

Later this month, Atlanta is going to be taken over by street artists from around the world for this year’s edition of the Living Walls conference, Living Walls: the City Speaks. From the 12th-14th of August, there will be film screenings, lectures and artists painting murals around the city. Living Walls have brought together an impressive artist roster from around the world including (but not limited to) Doodles, Swampy, Gaia, Roa, Labrona, OverUnder, Sam3, Freddy Sam, White Cocoa, Nanook, Greg Mike, Paper Twins, Clownsoldier and Gawd. And I can’t complain about the keynote speakers either: Tristan Manco, Gaia, Ricky Lee Gordon and me.

So if you’re in Atlanta, come out check out the opening party at The Sound Table on Friday the 12th, lectures at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia on the 13th during the day, a party at The Goat Farm the night of the 13th and a tour of all the new murals on the 14th. I’ll post more details about exact times later. And of course, I’ll be posting plenty of photos from the conference as well.

In September, another Living Walls event will take place in Albany, NY. More on that later.

Photo by Greg Foster Photography

Atlanta in Berlin


The perennially positive and southern homie Ola bad, whose smiles glint like the sun, just sent me these nice works he put up in Berlin for his people back in Atlanta. Ola bad explains the rest:

I was recently blessed to have a trip to Berlin for a group Exhibition at Retramp Gallery as a part of a 48 hour festival in the neighborhood of Neuk├Âlln. I got this exhibition from the owner seeing the dreamcatcher project on vandalog which was kinda crazy. I was toying around with the idea of being an “international artist” and how meaningless it is. There are people who put up way more awesome work more frequently than i do so i decided that i was going to take my city with me. I called pretty much every street artist in atlanta and started collecting work so everyone could be an “international artist” Here are the results.

The artists included are Ola bad, Paper Twins, Scatterbrained, Evereman and Sherman. Summer is here and Living Walls is approaching! I’ll see you guys in a couple months! more photos after the jump.

Ola bad

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