Dozens of artists in Beacon, NY for Electric Windows

Last weekend, residents of Beacon, NY were treated to live painting by a couple of dozen artists, including some of street art’s finest. The artists were their for Electric Windows. Steph mentioned the event last month, but here’s the short version: artists paint panels which then go on display in the windows of a former electric blanket factory. An interesting idea, but I still think the best part of this event was the chance for members of the public to wait such talented artists work. Papermonster has over 100 photos from Electric Windows on his blog. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the event:

Chris Stain, one of a few artists at the event who worked directly on walls
Ron English

Photos by Papermonster’s friend Ren, except Elbowt-toe’s piece which was photographed by the artist

Friends With Knives at Crewest Gallery

Opening August 9 is a really cool looking exhibition at Crewest Gallery in LA strictly featuring stencil artists. Not only do I love the line-up, but for me at least, standout stencil pieces by Blek la Rat, Banksy and Nick Walker are what originally interested me in street art in the first place. The varied list of artists include Blek le Rat, Broken Crow, Chris Stain, Dave Lowell, E.L.K, Greg Boudreau, HAHA, Joe Iurato, Koleszar, Henry Quiara, Leckomio, Mefee, Nathan Phaneuf, PaperMonster, Peat Wollaeger, Scotch and Shai Dahan. This really is not a show to miss, especially since my first look at the Papermonster piece for the show seems pretty impressive.

Your Own Worst Enemy by Papermonster

For more info check out Crewest Gallery

Photo by Papermonster