Things I Meant To Post About Yesterday…

Things have been very busy here at Carmichael Gallery lately as we prepare for our Saturday opening with Nina, so I didn’t get a chance to write about a few of the things that were on my “need to post” list yesterday. First up, Faile has released some new prints and original works on paper and they’re some of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. Faile just continue to grow on me and I love what they’re doing these days with their wood pieces. As regards the release, I just checked their site and it appears that the two originals and one of the three prints are sold out. Both my favorite original, No Escape: Return To Faile (the image above), and my favorite print, the same image but in purple hues and entitled No Escape, have gone. Here’s my second favorite, the other sold original, which has the frankly awful-sounding name of Wrong End 86 Katsina (the print version (similar but yellow as opposed to orange) is simply and much more appealingly called Wrong End Of The Rainbow), below.

Sorry for posting another item that is sold out, but it’s still worth mentioning Lazarides‘ release of JR’s Women Are Heroes book. Each of the twenty copies boasts a hand-pasted, thus unique, cover image of Self-Portrait In A Woman’s Eye (Kenya), one of my favorite of JR’s photographs.

Laz also has some cute Lucy McLauchlan Paint Pots available.

Finally, Opus just released some nice limited edition collab prints by Dan Baldwin and Hush.

– Elisa