Weekend link-o-rama

Bust in Amsterdam

Happy almost Halloween. It’s been a week of wasted energy, or so it seems. A potential legal wall that I was organizing has fallen through for the time being, but hopefully things are just delayed rather than cancelled. Here’s some of what I should have posted about this week:

Photo by Bust

TrustoCorp at Opera NYC – Life Cycle

Some recent mock magazine covers from TrustoCorp

TrustoCorp‘s latest show, Life Cycle, will be opening next week at Opera Gallery‘s New York location on Spring Street. Ambitious as ever, Life Cycle will be based around 4 installations examining the stages of the life of an American, including over 50 artworks. Here’s one, called Botched Operation:

Life Cycle opens on October 21st and runs through November 11th and should be a must-see show (particularly the opening night if past TrustoCorp shows are anything to go by).

David Ellis, Ron English, Futura, Saber, Sixeart, & more @ Opera Gallery’s “Abstractions”

We visited Opera Gallery earlier today just a few hours before the official opening of “Abstractions,” a retrospective of the abstract movement that features artists who’ve used the streets as their canvas, alongside such “fine” artists as Miro and Matta. Here are a few images:

David Ellis
Ron English
Sixeart, close-up
The exhibit continues through October 16 at 115 Spring Street in SoHo.
Photos by Lois Stavsky

Weekend link-o-rama

"Circus" ad disruption in Philadelphia by Sorry

Wow, last week went by quickly. And Steph moved in with me today, temporarily. Should be a crazy few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been meaning to write about:

Photo by Carolinecaldwell

Another Side of Logan Hicks

I’d always identified Logan Hicks with meticulously stenciled urban landscapes.   I was awed by his pieces that I saw at London’s Cans Festival in 2008 and at Brooklyn’s Willoughby Windows in 2009.  It was only earlier today at Opera Gallery in SoHo that I discovered his stunningly-crafted portraits, including of the lovely Monica LoCascio.

@ Cans Festival, London, 2008
@ Willoughby Windows, Brooklyn, 2009
@ Opera Gallery, NYC, 2011

Photos by Lois Stavsky

Logan Hicks at Opera Gallery NYC

Logan Hicks’ much anticipated solo show at Opera Gallery in NYC opens on Thursday. I saw some of the work for Pretty Ugly while I was in New York recently, and, as always, Logan is a master of technique. You don’t want to miss this show. Here’s a little preview of what to expect…

Untitled from Logan Hicks on Vimeo.

And don’t forget that Logan was interviewed for the latest issue of Very Nearly Almost.

Photos courtesy of Logan Hicks

Tristan Eaton’s 3D Art Book launch in NYC

Tristan Eaton‘s new book, The 3D Art Book, is being launched this week with a show at Opera Gallery‘s NYC location. Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Ron English, Mat Eaton, Tristan Eaton, Filth, Haze, Travis Louie, Tara McPherson, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt & Tom Thewes will be in the show, and the book includes over 100 artists. I haven’t seen this book in person yet, but I’m looking forward to checking it out.

New from Logan Hicks for Opera Gallery

Logan Hicks has sent me images of some new paintings that will be in a show opening May 19th at Opera Gallery in New York. The style is a bit different for him, but something that I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

The show at Opera is a 3-person show and one of the other artists is Anthony Lister, so I’m looking forward to seeing his work as well.