Watch: OBEY THE GIANT, first Shepard Fairey biopic, now online


OBEY THE GIANT, the long-awaited short film by Julian Marshall, is now streaming for free online. The film tells the story of Shepard Fairey‘s first billboard takeover, which he did for an assignment while he was at the Rhode Island School of Design. This is not a documentary with grainy footage from 20 years ago. It is a biopic staring Josh Wills as the college-aged Shepard Fairey. Such a cool project. A must-watch for fans (and also probably haters) of Shepard Fairey. I’m glad to be able to share OBEY THE GIANT with you here:

OBEY THE GIANT – The Story of Shepard Fairey from Julian Marshall on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of OBEY THE GIANT

Kickstart the Shepard Fairey biopic – OBEY THE GIANT

Remember that film about Shepard Fairey that was on Kickstarter last year for about a day before the project disappeared? It didn’t actually disappear. Actually, a crew went and filmed the damn thing. Now they are back on Kickstarter looking for some funding to finish post-production. The film, OBEY THE GIANT, is directed by Julian Marshall, a 21-year old student at Shepard’s alma mater RISD. OBEY THE GIANT tells the true story of Shepard’s first major billboard takeover. It was an assignment for a class at RISD where he had to illustrate the words from a fortune cookie. His fortune read “TO AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE DAY IS NO SMALL ACHIEVEMENT.” So he took that and ran with it. I could say more, but the trailer is one of the best things I’ve seen all year and so I don’t want to spoil it anything.

Julian is looking for another $30,000 to finish OBEY THE GIANT. The entire thing has already been shot. It would be a shame if the project never left the editing room. Can you help? As usual with Kickstarter projects, there are some great prizes in it for you if  do. Click here to visit the Kickstarter project page to learn more about the film and pledge your support.

Here’s the trailer along with some words from Julian and the film’s producer:

Looks awesome. Doesn’t it? I cannot wait to see the finished product. Go here if you’d like to support these young filmmakers and help make OBEY THE GIANT a reality.

Photo courtesy of OBEY THE GIANT