Wild Style Wednesday!

Zeros in San Francisco. Photo by FunkandJazz.

How ill is Zeros’ Haring throwback? (Rhetorical, unless you’re funny)

Shock, Snek, Ter and Graphis in Sao Paulo. Photo by Graphis.
Goser and Chez in East Bay Photo by FunkandJazz.
Pere Meser in Peru
Nem, Truff and Nick Alive in Sao Paulo. Photo by ‘N’.
A1one in Paris. Photo by Vitostreet.
“Your Name” by Ripo in Barcelona.
Mine in San Francisco. Photo by FunkandJazz.
Shane and Dashe in Paris. Photo by Startape Photographe.

Photos by FunkandJazz, Graphis‘N’, Pere MeserRipoStartape PhotographeVitostreet

Friends with skills in São Paulo

Nick Alive appears to be fairly skilled with a can. Nick Alive appears to be fairly skilled at making friends; friends with striking artistic ability. The result of all this is a mad display of the talent in São Paulo, Brazil. Fortunately for me, the documentation of Nick’s numerous collaborative pieces have networked much of this skilled community.

Nick Alive and Shock


Nick Alive and Graphis
Nick Alive and Peko
Nick Alive, Shock Maravilha, and Nem in Sao Paulo

Photos by Nick Alive