Weekend link-o-rama


It’s content I missed. Check it out.

Photo by OX

Weekend link-o-rama

Neckface and Reader stickers in NYC. Photos by Sabeth718

If you looked at Vandalog this week, you’d think it was a slow week in street art. That’s not so, but I’ve been locked down working on Up Close and Personal (opening pics here). So here’s some of what I missed covering this week:

Photo by Sabeth718

The Toaster Show

The Toaster probably has the most random logo possible. He/they just paints the same image of a toaster everywhere, and it’s been going on for years. Sometimes it’s a sticker, other times simple and tiny stencil, and other times they go big (like at Cans Festival), but it’s always the same toaster.

Toasters at Cans Festival. Photo by Mikesten
Toasters at Cans Festival. Photo by Mikesten

Next week is the opening of The Toaster’s show at Nelly Duff, which includes collaborations with artists like Dicy and Mr. Jago.

Toasters Poster

Now, it is entirely possible, maybe even likely, that this show will make no sense and it could be very boring, but I’m giving it a shot. If it works, it could be great fun.

One Night Show – Eine at Nelly Duff

Am I the last person in street art to hear about this, or has it just been kept very quiet? This is a last minute post, but this is something I only heard about an hour ago.

Eine is doing a one night show THIS THURSDAY NIGHT at Nelly Duff Gallery. It’s going to be all about that insanely complex new print he attempted. Here’s the PR stuff:


Week of The Tag

I’ve been a bit light on posts this week. Schoolwork has been piling up a bit, and I submit my university applications next week, so I’ve been working on those. I have been following the news though, and it seems like everybody is talking about tags this week.

Photo by RJ
Photo by RJ
  • Hooked has released a zine called Tags: East London, and you can probably tell what it’s about from the title. 30 pages full color photos of some of London’s best tags. Get a copy for just £3.50 including UK postage here.
  • Beautiful Crime sums up “The Great Debate” about “the merits of paste-ups, graffiti, street art, tagging and photoshopping” based on this flickr comments exchange between Mike Marcus, nolionsinengland, HowAboutNo! and redalert51.
  • Fecal Face has a Q&A with graffiti photographer Martha Cooper. Fans of ’80’s graffiti should definitely have a read. Cooper has a new book out called Tag Town: The Origins of Writing, available here.
  • There’s also been some great news in the world of character tags:
    UK Street Art reports that The Toaster has put out a couple of fairly cheap prints over at Nelly Duff. Just £50, but they aren’t very large.
    Hooked announces the release of new Sickboy prints from his recent Stay Free show (I wasn’t able to go, but Graffoto’s got a review)