Jaybo at Nancy Victor Gallery

Last night was the opening of Jaybo’s “The Pocket Show” at Nancy Victor Gallery. I couldn’t make it for the opening, but I stopped by this afternoon.


My friend Rachel and I had split views on the show. For me, although Jaybo is definitely a good painter, it just isn’t my kind of work. Rachel, on the other hand, really liked it. Overall, I’d say it’s a good show, just not for the typical street art fan.

Jaybo’s work is definitely different from what street art fans come to expect. So many of us are used to low-quality stencils, but Jaybo actually knows how to paint. Reminds me of Elbowtoe’s distortion of bodies, but painted.



The really cool work there has to be piece that Jaybo made out of painted match sticks.

Although it wasn’t really my sort of show, Jaybo is talented, and people who prefer a bit more of a painterly style than most street art should really enjoy it.

Photos from Remi

Remi/Rough and System’s Installation Show

This tweet from Remi/Rough earlier today is now making sense. He and System have a show opening this Thursday at Nancy Victor Gallery, but its just paintings on the walls. No work for sale. I’ll be there. Will you?

Nacy Victor Gallery

Check out this wall they’ve painted there. Looks beautiful, though at least in jpeg I don’t think System can pull of random colors for a portrait as well as say Adam Neate.

Remi System Wall