Coming next month: Kid Acne’s 1st museum show

Kid Acne at Stolenspace Gallery. Photo by Unusualimage

Kid Acne will be getting some major recognition from his hometown of Sheffield in July: He has a solo show at Museums Sheffield‘s Millennium Gallery. The show, Kill Your Darlings, will be opening on July 21st. Okay, this isn’t Banksy versus The Bristol Museum, but it should still be pretty cool. Kill Your Darlings will have pieces from all stages of Kid Acne’s career, as well as some new artwork. I came across an album cover he did a while back which I almost bought just for the artwork, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of his kooky graphic design work as well as whatever new things he’s got planned (hopefully a nice sculpture like in the photo above).

Kill Your Darlings runs through October 23rd.

Photo by Unusualimage