APC print release (with a contest) at Mula Printing

If you aren’t sold solely on the opportunity to own a limited edition print by a member of the APC crew (including Stinkfish, BuytronickMeca Mutanterio and Lorenzo Masnah), than Mula Printing has included a bit of artistic competition to this collective print release to sweeten the deal: The first 40 to buy one of these APC prints will be eligible to partake a coloring contest using this unfinished Pez piece. The winner, who will be chosen by Pez himself, will receive an original drawing by Pez. Buying a print includes the chance to win a Pez print from an edition of 6 as well.

Stinkfish. “Spine Baby” 10 of each color available.
Buytronick. “Ritmo Prehisterico” edition of 35.
Lorenzo Masnah. “Bogotaxi” edition of 35.
Meca Mutanterio. “Jardin De Hierba” edition of 35.

Photos courtesy of Mula Printing

Tubu community project

Painting by Bastardilla

The Tubú community is an indigenous group of families now living in the city of Bogotá, Columbia. Tubu Community is a project to help raise money to build a new home in Bogotá for a Tubú family. To learn more about the Tubú people, you can watch this video or read this info.

A new print from Stinkfish

At their webstore, Tubu Community has begun to sell prints and original art by South American and European artists to help with the effort. 100% of the proceeds from these sales go to the Tubú people. Blu, Bastardilla, Buytronick and Stinkfish have contributed original art and Eine and Stinfish have contributed prints, including a new 7-color screenprint by Stinkfish. Expect more products to be added to the webstore in the future.

Photos courtesy of Tubu Community