Outside In Magazine

Outside In Magazine. Picture by Oi.

Following in the footsteps of the fantastic VNA Magazine, comes Outside In, the product of an up and coming design graduate from Winchester University.  Documenting street art, design and illustration, this non commercial art magazine is debuting today, Friday 17th, at 3pm British Summer Time!

Running as an edition of 155, with 55 special edition copies, the magazine boasts illustrative duo Static as its feature artist.  Adding interviews and features with Miss Bugs, Lifestyles of the Poor & Unknown, Remi Rough, Dale ‘vn’ Marshall, Slinkachu and Ben Slow, I’m sure you will agree that for just £6* you can’t go wrong!

*Standard edition price… Or for all you big spenders, the two special box set deals offer you signed photos and hand finished prints by Static.

Check it out on the Oi website here.  Personally I’m quite looking forward to seeing what Remi has to say and reading the feature on Slink.

Picture by Oi Magazine

New Prints: L’Atlas, Dalek, and Miss Bugs

Some great new prints coming out this week:

1. Cosmic by L’Atlas: This print has made me love L’Atlas. A. It looks great, and B. It’s priced very well. It’s two prints actually, one black on white, and one white on black. Edition of just 25 each for $120.

Cosmic (Black) by L'Atlas
Cosmic (Black) by L

2. Winter 08 by Dalek: Again, not just one print, but three. There is Winter 08 (pictured below), with an edition of 200 for $75, and Pink Heads and Green Heads, editions of 150 each for $50. I can’t figure out why they are $25 less than Winter 08 for a smaller edition, but why complain? They all look great.

Winter 08 by Dalke
Winter 08 by Dalek

3. The Year of The Super Rat Nation by Miss Bugs: By far the best piece I’ve seen from Miss Bugs. An edition of only 30, priced at £135. In order to give anybody a fair shot at this print, Miss Bugs is using the FairQ system, so you have to register in advance (before 7pm PST today) to buy the print.

The Year of The Super Rat Nation by Miss Bugs
The Year of The Super Rat Nation by Miss Bugs

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