Good Times Roll at High Roller Society

Tonight (29th June) sees the opening of Good Times Roll at High Roller Society. The show presents “an eclectic selection of 39 international artists for a salon style Summer Show that finally heats things up a bit this season. Ranging from the street to the studio, painters, sculptors, photographers and printmakers hailing from Australia, Brazil, Portugal, USA and UK join forces to showcase their wares through their passion for different creative practices.”

Following the opening, the t-shirt and letterpress printing workshops with artwork by Rowdy, Sweet Toof & others will keep you going back for more. So check out the opening party tonight, add these following dates to your diary and let the good times roll.

Workshops (minimum donation of £3 per workshop):

  • T-Shirt Printing: with COPYEM12 –– 30th June and 1st July 1.00–5.00pm (both days)
  • Letterpress Printing : with Alex Booker –– 29th July 1.00–5.00pm

Photos courtesy of High Roller Society

Whitecross Street Party 2011

Whitecross Street party 2010

This weekend, the 23rd and 24th of July, Whitecross Street in London is host to this year’s Whitecross Street Party. Last year featured artists like Dr. D, Filthy Luker and the Burning Candy crew. Expect more street artists at this year’s event including Milo Tchais, Shepard Fairey (probably not the man himself, but something from him) and Ronzo. There’s also an indoor art exhibition. Here’s the flyer, and there’s more info on the party’s website:

Photo by

The Krah & Milo Tchais Hit London

Here’s a look at the latest street art collaboration from London’s own The Krah and Brazilian artist Milo Tchais.

The Krah first started painting the streets and the subway trains of Athens in 1997, but his graffiti and street-art can also be seen in the streets all over Europe and places such as Tokyo and Bangkok. Since then The Krah has also exhibited in galleries both in London and internationally, as well as holding many group shows alongside artists such as Os Gêmeos, D-face, Sickboy and Swoon, which may explain a thing or two about his latest collaboration.

The piece which can be seen sprawled across the front of London’s Red Gallery (same building as the iconic Foundry) also shares it home with a number of other prolific street art masterpieces.  Artists such as Part2ism (seen below) and Roa are all known to have left their marks there.


Photos courtesy of Unusualimage and The Krah

Via Juxtapoz

Other Side live painting

Other Side

Looks like this should be a nice event to get down to in London. Live painting is always fun to watch.

Here’s all the details:

Silhouettes with spray-cans glinting in the darkness have long journeyed through the East End to the austere walls of the rail arches in Mile End, an underground showcase of underground art.

Now, in broad daylight, the elegant new Mile End Arts Pavilion opens its doors to some of the most notorious graffiti artists in East London.

This unique venue offers the opportunity for you, the viewer to observe from behind glass or get down and dirty with the artists painting LIVE! (Protective masks are available on the door)

Each week will feature a new wave of artists, sourced locally with a smattering of special guest painters.

Show is open each Wednesday to Sunday from 12-6 pm

Wednesday 4th November – Sunday 29th November.

Artists: Stik, Elate, Milo, Spat, Teddy Baden, Run, Fuel, Snoe, Smaki, Grems, Stenzilla, Suns, and Roots

I definitely want to go and see Elate, Milo and Run painting.