Invisible Minority by Milo Project

If you thought Dan Witz did a good job at freaking people out on the street, Milo Project have taken his idea to another level with sculpture. Milo Project have consistently taken ideas from others (Mark Jenkins, Evereman and now Dan Witz) and taken them one step further, so I think there’s some cause for concern there if Milo Project tries to start selling their work, but in the mean time it’s just a bit of fun on the street and it’s not like they are painting over work by the artists that they emulate. Anyway, here is some of Milo Project’s Invisible Minority series:

Photos by Milo Project

Milo Project

Here are some new works by French street artist Milo Project. Reminding me a lot of Mark Jenkins, Milo Project places realistic mannequins in the fetal position all over France. Below is a video of people’s reactions that is pretty funny even if you don’t speak French.

All photos by Milo Project