Mike Giant with a hand style history lesson

As a precursor to the release of a book on hand styles, entitled Flip the Script, LA graffiti writer Mike Giant gives us a brief history lesson on his introduction to Cholo graffiti. He cites the importance of understanding this history, not just in the graffiti world, but now in the graphic design world and art world, and says, “To me, it’s getting too derivative of things that were already derivative of other derivatives. It continues to just pile on.” Mike comments on the fact that graffiti writers today are picking up hand styles from the internet, as opposed to getting alphabets from their mentors.

Weekend link-o-rama

M-City in Jarocin, Poland

Let’s see what has been happening off of Vandalog this week.

Photo courtesy of M-City

OBEY (Mike) Giant

Shepard Fairey and Mike Giant recently put up this collaborative wall in LA. Turned out pretty well I think. And don’t miss the great series of Skullphone posters at the top of the wall.

Photo by jadafiend

Very Nearly Almost issue 11 launch party

Very Nearly Almost‘s 11th issue hits shelves this month, and so next week they’ve got a launch party for the magazine. Should be good fun. This issue’s cover artist is the UK’s INSA, and other artists from around the world are featured inside. In fact, make sure to pick up this issue of magazine because it’s where you can read an interview that I did with Case earlier this year. Plus they’ve got the legendary Mike Giant, the super-cool photographer Ruedione and one of my personal favorite artists, Gaia. Hope to see you at the launch.

And speaking of Ruedione, Acclaim Magazine has just posted an interview that Ruedieone did with Revok just moments before Revok’s infamous arrest in Australia.

Bodega’s wall vinyl artworks


Bodega looks cool. I might have to get one of the McGee or Rostarr pieces for my room. Prices are pretty good, but the fact that the pieces can’t be reapplied is a bit annoying.

The press release:

We are proud to announce the launch of Bodega™ Wall Vinyl.

Bodega™ is a curated collection of large scale, eco-friendly, temporary indoor art. The concept is to make the art of emerging and established artists alike, affordable and available to the public. Each piece is delivered as a complete package for the consumer and includes a ready-to-apply art piece and tools for installation. Obsessed with process, Bodega creates high quality, layered die-cut vinyl art editions; representing some of the most captivating artists of our generation.

We use eco-friendly inks and vinyl to create layered die-cut, gallery quality vinyl that can be applied to any flat surface. The vinyl is low-tack and can be removed without damaging the wall; however, the art work cannot be reapplied to a surface after removal. Bodega’s intrinsic characteristic is to retain the divide between the original art and our editions, encouraging consumers to continue exploring their living environment by embracing new art in everyday life. Our packaging is made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled paper. Our vinyl, with an indoor life expectancy of at least 5 years, is low-impact on the environment through strategic engineering design to maximize energy efficiency and eliminate harmful emissions through recycling and reuse.

Bodega™ is available online at Arkitip.com and worldwide at select accounts including Colette Paris (www.colette.fr)

Bodega™ will also be available at the Scope Art Fair “Covet Garden” during Art Basel Miami Dec 2-6, 2009. (www.scope-art.com)

Artists in Bodega™ include:

Barry Mcgee, Clare Rojas, Cleon Peterson, Cody Hudson, Darcel, Delta, Harsh Patel, Hisham Bharoocha, Kevin Lyons, Kenzo Minami, Maya Hayuk, Michael Leon, Mike Giant, Rostarr, Steven Harrington, Surface to Air, Wood Wood, and more.

Bodega™ will release a new artist periodically every month and Arkitip.com will release new offerings in conjunction with Bodega™.