Mau Mau certainly knows how to put on a show

Westbank Gallery welcomes Mau Mau. Photo by Unusual Image

Last Thursday, May 3rd, Mau Mau‘s solo show Pigs Might Fly opened with a private view at London’s Westbank Gallery. I say private view, but with a guest list of over 500 people it was hardly private, more like a public view with a party list, all crammed into the two storey gallery.

Having seen some of the preview images I gave a little heads up prior to the show last week, mainly on the basis that I was actually excited to see the pieces for myself and to see how the installations looked up close.

Unfortunately I could not make the opening, but thanks to Beejoir (one of many who helped curate and hang the show) I has given the opportunity to have a look around a couple of hours before the doors were flung open. And I have to say the show did not disappoint. Continue reading “Mau Mau certainly knows how to put on a show”

Mau Mau presents: Pigs Might Fly

Leaving the West Country behind, Mau Mau hits London this Thursday with the opening of his solo show, Pigs Might Fly.

Running until Sunday May 13th at Westbank Gallery, the show promises to showcase Mau Mau’s distinctive style, “a blend of rural magic and political heckling”, encompassed through a range of mediums.

From the following preview photos this looks like one not to miss. I personally can’t wait to see those fox installations up close.

Check out the rest of the preview snaps after the jump… Continue reading “Mau Mau presents: Pigs Might Fly”

‘See No Evil’ in Bristol

I’ve just had an incredible week volunteering at ‘See No Evil’ in Bristol where over 40 artists have spent the last week painting the dull concrete of Nelson Street. The week finished with an amazing block party (the street was packed!) and it certainly no longer looks dull!

There are too many to mention but for me some of the highlights came from Mau Mau, Xenz, Nick Walker, Mr Jago, China Mike, Tats Crew, El Mac, What Collective, Mysterious Al, Cosmo, Paris, SPQR and Stickee.

The photos below are just a fraction of what is there:

Tats Crew
Tats Crew
Nick Walker
Mau Mau
Mr Jago
Nick Walker
Mau Mau
What Collective
Nick Walker
El Mac
Mysterious Al

Graffuturism has even more photos.

Photos by Ben

Weekend link-o-rama

Poster by Morley

Wow. This week has gone by really quickly. I guess the world feels like it is moving faster when you are running on less sleep. Such a counter-intuitive thing. Anyway, here is what has been going on that I didn’t have a chance to write about this week:

Photo by Morley