Marcos Zotes appropriates, subverts and activates

Marcos Zotes gained a lot of attention last fall for this projection in Brooklyn. Recently, he did two projections at Columbia University, where he is a research fellow. The first was with permission and displayed messages submitted to I haven’t seen any documentation of how that projection turned out. The second, Appropriate, Subvert, Activate!, was done without a green-light university. For Appropriate, Subvert, Activate!, Zotes projected a series of phrases about the the use of supposedly-public space onto Columbia University’s Low Library. Great use of an otherwise blank space that looks like it was perfectly designed to display text.

Here’s a video of the piece:

Photos by Bernardo Garcia

Keeping an eye on Brooklyn

Marcos Zotes’ project CCTV/Creative Control took place on October 1st in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as part of a Nuit Blanche celebration. He projected a video of an eye onto the underside of a 10-storey tall water tower, turning it into a massive Big Brother-esque eyeball. There a video of the intervention here, if these photos aren’t enough.

Photos by Marcos Zotes