Mallick Williams & Co. to Feature New Works by Skullphone and Curtis Kulig

Since visiting its wonderful HUELESS exhibit back in the spring, Mallick Williams & Co. has become one of my favorite Chelsea galleries. I’m looking forward to its upcoming exhibit SCRIPTURE featuring new works by Skullphone and Curtis Kulig, two artists who continue to maintain a strong presence in the streets of NYC.  It opens next Thursday, October 6, from 6-9 @ 150 11th Avenue.

“Prada” from Skullphone’s new series of crosses
Image courtesy of Mallick Williams & Co

Chor Boogie: In the streets and at Mallick Williams @ Co

I’m a fan of Chor Boogie’s artwork– its blazing colors and visual rhythms. Although his style is a bit gimmicky, it works for me. Seeing his work on the streets is always a treat.  I stopped by Mallick Williams & Co at 150 11th Avenue in Chelsea to check out its current show Spectrum before it closes tomorrow, as Chor Boogie is one of its featured artists. While still delightful, his artwork’s impact was nowhere as strong as when seen on the streets.

In Philly, 2008, close-up
In Beacon, NY, 2010, close-up
@ Mallick Williams & Co, close-up
@ Mallick Williams & Co

Photos by Lois Stavsky