Mostly Malarky

Malarky in London. Photo by Hookedblog.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve looked at what Malarky‘s up to, so here are a few walls of colorful characters from him and friends over the past year…

Malarky in Zagreb, Croatia. Photo courtesy of Malarky.
Malarky in London. Photo by Hookedblog.
Malarky and Lucas in London. Photo by HookedBlog.
Malarky in London. Photo by HookedBlog.
Malarky in London. Photo by HookedBlog.
Malarky, 45RPM, and Richt in Bristol. Photo courtesy of Malarky.

Photos by HookedBlog and courtesy of Malarky

Pez, Penfold, and their colourful characters

Malarky x Pez in London (and spot the Mr. Penfold). Photo by HookedBlog

I have always been a fan of colourful character based street art. For me personally, there is only so much of the polar opposite, stencil art, I can take before I find it all merges into one large mess of overlapping ideas and style. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the use of stencils on the street, and there are a few artists that I really appreciate, Mobstr for one. But I rather enjoy seeing streets of brightly painted walls and shutters with a variety of characters and shapes popping out at me.

HUH? by Mobstr. Photo by HookedBlog

There seems to be a steady increase in the amount of artists painting in this style, one in which I feel the Burning Candy Crew recently promoted in the UK, but has been pushed by a variety of other artists including Malarky, Lucas, Ronzo, Billy, Sweet Toof, Paul Insect, Vinnie Nylon, and Mr. Penfold, among others.

My enjoyment of character based street art has been stirred this week by Pez, painting some nice pieces in the run up to his show at Tony’s Gallery, but also through Mr. Penfold’s exploits in Birmingham. I hope you enjoy them all as much I as do.

Pez in London. Photo by HookedBlog.
Mr. Penfold x Tempo 33 in Birmingham. Photo by Mr. Penfold
Mr. Penfold in Birmingham. Photo by Mr Penfold

Photos by Mr Penfold and HookedBlog