Saber: Bull in a china shop

"TOO MANY NAMES" by Saber at the Long Beach Museum of Art
“TOO MANY NAMES” by Saber at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of Saber.

Last month, “urban contemporary art” came to Long Beach, California. Thanks to Pow! Wow! and ThinkSpace Gallery, the Long Beach Museum of Art is currently hosting Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape, an exhibition of talented and famous painters like Low Bros, Meggs, Andrew Schoultz, Saber, and Audrey Kawasaki. It was supposed to be a show about painting with artists “demonstrating the skilled and nuanced application of their craft,” and, for the most part, the works in Vitality and Verve are well-painted and beautiful. Except for one. Saber’s installation. Continue reading “Saber: Bull in a china shop”

Berlin Bandits – A sneak preview

This weekend sees the opening of Berlin Bandits, a collection of paintings by Billy, Low Bros and Mr Penfold, at NeonChocolate. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the show, but here’s a reminder, with some sneak previews of the work, for all you lucky folk that can make the opening.

Low Bros
Low Bros
Mr Penfold
Mr Penfold

Photos by Billy, Low Bros and Mr Penfold

Mr Penfold and his Berlin Bandits

Mr Penfold has been rather busy recently. Firstly here are a couple of his new fantastic pieces in London.

And secondly, Mr Penfold and his fellow Berlin Bandits, Billy and Low Bros, are teaming up at the end of the month to put on an exhibition of paintings at NeonChocolate. So if you are in Berlin, or fancy a weekend break, then make sure you hit the city between October 29th and November 4th and check out the show. It should be (to quote Billy’s favourite word) RAD!

Photos by Mr Penfold

Clash of the Titans

This post is a bit of a continuation from my previous one…  Whilst up north last weekend, Mr Penfold, Mr Gauky, Low Bros and DXTR made the short trip across to Manchester to paint.  Inspired by Ray Harryhausen and the 1981 film – Clash of the Titans, they collaborated on another rather nice piece.

First three photos by the Common Bar. Final photo by Matt Saunders.

Big Up… Bue the Warrior!

This is Belgium’s Bue the Warrior. Recently he’s been collaborating with Billy and Low Bros in Berlin on some fantastic walls and shutters, pictures of which I posted last week. I rather like his style, (maybe because it’s similar to a few other artists I like), so here a few of his other pieces from all around the world. Enjoy.

Pointdextr, Pest, Roa, Bue and Resto (2009)
Resto and Bue (2009)
Roa and Bue (2009)
Dextr and Bue (Gent, Belgium 2008)
Topo, Resto, Zosen and Bue (Gent, Belgium 2011)
Pest, MR Fixit and Bue (Zomergem, Belgium 2011)
Bue (2010)
Pez and Bue (Barcelona 2007)
Bue and Pixel Pancho (Paris 2009)
Dhear, Bue, Smithe, Stnk and News (Mexico City 2010)

For more pictures of Bue’s work check out his flickr here.

All photos by Bue.

Billy meets Berlin, Berlin meets Billy

Just over a month ago Billy departed London and headed east to Berlin on a bit of a jolly. It seems that since being there she has spend half her time painting, often collaborating with others, to rather good effect. Here are a few of her fantastic pieces…

Late Paint. By Billy, Bue and Nerd.
Andale! By By Billy, Bue and Nerd.
Diamond Juice! By Billy, Low Bros, Iggy and Mr Penfold.
5 Silver Rings. By Billy, Bue and Mariana.
Berlin No.1 By Billy, Low Bros, Iggy and Mr Penfold.
Berlin Bandits Part 2. By Billy, Bue and Nerd.
Foxy. By Billy and Nerd.
1 bike, 1 beer, keep moving. By Billy.
Gaybear. By Billy, Bue and Nerd.

All photos by Billy