Recent works from Lelo

lelo - sao paulo, brazil - 01
Lelo in Sao Paulo

Lelo from Rio de Janeiro claims to have been apart of the street art scene since 1998. Recently, he’s been getting up a bit around Brazil and Argentina. Here are a few flicks from those recent excursions.

lelo - rio de janeiro, brazil
Lelo in Rio de Janeiro
lelo - buenos aires, argentina - 01
Lelo in Buenos Aires
lelo + elliot tupac - buenos aires, argentina
Lelo and Elliot Tupac in Buenos Aires

Photos by Lelo

New in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn: RAE, Gaia and Lelo

We don’t visit Bedford-Stuyvesant as often as we should, as its walls are among the most interesting – and least documented – around town.  But we did get over there earlier this week, where we discovered new work by RAE and Gaia and found a huge mural — overlooking a community garden — by Lelo, a street artist from Rio de Janeiro.

Close-up of huge mural by RAE
We love the way RAE has integrated the tree into his most recent public piece
Huge Gaia paste-up
Gaia goes green
Lelo close-up

Photos by Tara Murray & Lois Stavsky

Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 3

Angry Woebots. Photo by Bill Dickinson

Our coverage of all the murals for Art Whino‘s G40 Art Summit finishes with work by Pixel Pancho, Angry Woebots, 2501, Jaz and Lelo. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. My goal over these posts was to get completed photos of every mural. Unfortunately we didn’t accomplish that goal, but I got close and at least posted all of the major ones. Such is the curse of trying to only use photos with the photographer’s permission… Anyway, most of the last of the G40 Art Summit murals can be found after the jump. Continue reading “Completed G40 murals in Richmond, Virginia – Part 3”