Vhils book and print releases

Italy Vhils

And Vhils is back on top in my book. Man has he been busy. First, the work he’s done at Truman Brewery here in London. Then his work at the Fame Festival in Italy (photo above). Now, he’s got a super limited edition book being released and some new hand worked prints at Lazarides. In the gallery, prints are what I think Vhils does best, so a new print from him is always exciting to me. Here’s some info from Lazarides about the prints and his book:

As the hugely successful “Scratching The Surface” exhibition by Vhils (aka Alexandre Farto) draws to a close at our Rathbone Place gallery this Saturday, the action moves to our Greek Street Shop this coming Friday, the 31st of July, with the highly anticipated release of a rather special edition of our favourite Portugeezer’s first book and 3 new hand-finished prints for Lazarides.

Featuring a lazer-cut front cover, the full colour, 80 page, 28 x 22 cm, hard-back book ‘Scratching The Surface’ is also signed by the artist, is strictly limited to only 100 copies worldwide, and costs £45.

Vhils has also been hard at work hand-finishing 3 new prints for us, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be making available 10 variants of each edition to be displayed at our Shop on Greek Street from 10 am this Friday. Each print is from an overall varied edition of 30, measures 70 x 49.5 cm, is signed by the artist, and available to purchase at £350. Whilst both the book and prints can be ordered by calling the Shop on 0203 214 0055/0066, those buying in person have the advantage of being able to select their favourite version and take it home right there and then.

Vhils print