Dorian Grey Gallery takes us back to the 80’s with “CLUB 57 & Friends”

Opening tonight at the East Village’s Dorian Grey Gallery is CLUB 57 & Friends featuring some of the early pioneers of the 1980’s East Village art scene and the CLUB 57 performance space.  Both original works and legendary photographs are on display. Here is a small sampling:

Robert Carrither’s photo of Basquiat, 1980, image courtesy of gallery
Robert Carrither’s photo of Keith Haring, 1980, image courtesy of gallery
Hank O'Neal's photo of Richard Hambleton & Basquiat, photo by Lois Stavsky
Martha Cooper's photo of Basquiat on door, image courtesy of gallery
Dress designed by LA II aka LA Roc, photo by Lois Stavsky
 The opening reception is from 6 – 9pm this evening at 437 East 9th Street between 1st Ave and Ave A. The exhibit continues through October 9th. Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12 – 7pm.

Martha Cooper gets remixed at Carmichael Gallery

Mare 139

Carmichael Gallery in LA has a pretty crazy show on right now. Martha Cooper: Remix has street and graffiti artists giving their takes on classic photographs by Martha Cooper, one of the photographers behind the classic Subway Art book. Here’s a bit of the show, but check out Arrested Motion for many more photos. Remix runs through May 7th.

Anthony Lister
LA II on a photo of Keith Haring

Photos courtesy of Arrested Motion

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is a kick-ass-sounding group show that opens at Woodward Gallery in New York City this weekend.  Some of my favorite artists like Swoon and Neckface are involved, as well as some other talented people like Darkcloud, Michael de Feo, Royce Bannon and LA II. It’s kind of an odd mix of artists, but not really that odd at all. Stylistically different, but all cool in their own ways I guess. Should be good. The show opens on May 8th.

Michael de Feo

Photos from Woodward Gallery