Baroque the Streets – A street art festival in South London

Nunca. Photo by RJ Rushmore.

While I was in London recently, I had the opportunity to tour the murals in Dulwich thanks to Remi/Rough. Dulwich is a part of South London, almost suburbia really, where you definitely wouldn’t expect to see world class murals, but a fair few have popped up recently. Most of the murals in Dulwich are thanks to the recent Baroque The Streets festival, where artists were invited to paint murals based on paintings in the Dulwich Picture Gallery. We already posted about Reka’s piece for the festival, so here are a few more pieces I found in this quite part of London. By far my favorite has to be the piece by Nunca, but there are a lot of strong pieces. Thanks again to Remi/Rough for showing me around town.

Conor Harrington
Conor Harrington. Photo by RJ Rushmore.
Phlegm. Photo by RJ Rushmore.
Phlegm. Photo by RJ Rushmore.

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Hellbent and BSA bring you GEOMETRICKS and inexpensive art for students

Feral Child

Brooklyn Street Art are going to be organizing a series of shows at Brooklyn’s new gallery, Gallery Brooklyn. Vandal or Visionary Series has kind of a cool concept, where BSA will pick a different artist to curate each show in the series. The first show in the series is GEOMETRICKS, curated by Hellbent. The artists in the show are Augustine Kofie, Chor Boogie, Drew Tyndell, Feral Child, Hellbent, Jaye Moon, Maya Hayuk, MOMO, OLEK, Overunder and See One, so between that line up and the name of the show, it’s probably pretty clear that GEOMETRICKS is about work by people in the street art community who are leaving lettering and pop art behind and including somewhat abstract shapes and patterns in their work, kind of like a street-art friendly version of graffuturism.

Augustine Kofie

In addition to a great line up of artists, the thing I’m most excited about with this show is that their will be one wall of the show devoted to inexpensive and discounted works for students only. The Young Collectors Wall will only have work by the GEOMETRICKS artists priced under $200, and you’ll have to show a valid student ID to purchase any of the pieces. I have to applaud BSA for this idea. It’s rare that a gallery will have quality artwork or art products available at prices that are reasonable for students. So students, get to the show early, because I’m betting that these works will be gone quickly. You might get a real steal and suddenly have the best-decorated room in your dorm.

Here’s a little invite from BSA:

You are cordially invited to have a blast in Red Hook Brooklyn with BSA Saturday Sept 22nd, where we’ll present amazing new gallery works from 11 of the best Street Artists doing abstract GEOMETRICKS on the street right now, musical jams from John Breiner, and a special Young Collectors Wall where a limited number of works by the artists in the show will be on sale under $200 for students with a current valid school ID. After GEOMETRICKS walk a few blocks to party with us at Brooklyn Crab and take the free shuttle bus back to the subway when it’s all over. It’s a cool September night in Red Hook that you don’t want to miss!

The show opens September 22nd from 6-9pm and runs through October 28th at Gallery Brooklyn (351 Van Brunt St, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY).

Check out BSA for more info.

Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Street Art

Weekend link-o-rama

Bonon. Photo by Kriebel

That was a long week. But at least it was a fun one too. For one thing, Jill Cohen was in town for a show at my university. Definitely have a look at her drawings. That’s some crazy skill. Here’s the art news I’ve been reading:

  • Col has a show coming up very soon at Orchard Windows Gallery in New York.
  • Shai Dahan, Ollio and Ekta got together to paint in Sweden.
  • Roger Gastman has directed an upcoming film about the earliest modern graffiti writers (is that term a contradiction?).
  • Shepard Fairey’s latest print is called Eat The Rich. I hate to be the one to call him out on this one since many will understandably perceive it as hypocritical of me, but can a millionaire artist really legitimately make that statement? I know he is a hard-working guy who has been at this for decades, but then the proper time for that rhetoric was 20 years ago. Not when his art sells for hundreds of thousands to millionaires and his overpriced t-shirts are found in the fanciest clothing stores. Plus, the man is a committed and unashamed capitalist. Thoughts? Maybe he is just using the phrase as an example of a culture he is interested in, rather than as part of an intended propaganda poster?
  • The Vacuum Cleaner is hilarious!
  • Agents of Change members Remi/Rough, LX.One, Steve More and Augustine Kofie painted what may be London’s largest mural just across from King’s Cross.

Photo by Kriebel

Miami murals captured in progess


Mike Pearce was in Miami last week taking photos of the murals getting painted. As it has been over the past few years, Wynwood was overrun (in, I think, a good way) for about a week with artists working outdoors on any wall they could get permission to paint or get away with painting. Here are a few of Mike’s pictures of the artists at work…

La Pandilla
Free Humanity, Anthony Lister and Col
Pixel Pancho
Augustine Kofie
Greg Mike
Tati Suarez
Entes and Jade
Buff Monster
Trek 6

Photos by Mike Pearce

Unintended Calculations in Vancouver

Vancouver artist Indigo has put together a show, Unintended Calculations, of artists who started in traditional graffiti and have moved towards abstract paintings. The show takes place next month in Vancouver with a gallery show as well as some murals at the Moda Hotel. While the show includes well-known artists Remi/Rough and Kofie, I’m most interested to see what Scott Sueme does. I don’t know much about Sueme, but I’ve heard that he is really pushing things forward in Vancouver with his graffiti, and I liked his recent wall at Primary Flight.

Unintended Calculations opens the first week of March. Check the show’s website for more info.

Here’s one of Remi’s paintings for the show:

Photos courtesy of Remi

Weekend link-o-rama

Recent mural by Eine. Photo by Unusualimage

Well it was the first week of midterms for me, so lots of time was spent locking myself in my room, turning off the wifi and just studying. On the plus side, had a great meeting today trying to get some grant money from my college to bring street artists to campus and I took a nap on what might just be the world’s comfiest couch. So here’s what I haven’t had the chance to blog with all that school stuff going on:

  • I’ll be running a modified version of my street art tours next Friday at the Moniker Art Fair. The tour will be free and we’ll being checking out the fair as well as some of the street art in Shoreditch nearby. That will be from 1-2:30 11:30-1pm and 1:30-3:00pm next Friday afternoon at Moniker.
  • Unurth has photos of Escif’s latest murals.
  • Kaws blogged some teaser shots of his upcoming book.
  • Feral has been posting a lot of photos on his flickr over the past month of the interesting work he’s been making.
  • Mike put together a nice overview of FAME Festival for Arrested Motion
  • The latest in the line of shows Yosi Sergant (previously involved with Manifest Hope and Manifest Equality) has worked on, Re:Form School looks to be another massive group show advocating a good cause. It is open in New York this weekend only.
  • Kofie has a solo show opening this weekend at White Walls in San Fransisco. The opening reception is on Saturday evening. Check out The Citrus Report for more info.
  • LAB (Little Art Book) has a pop-up shop in London starting today through October 23rd. There will be prints for sale priced as low as £30. Their blog has more info.

Photo by unusualimage

New print from Kofie

Kofie‘s new print, Zirkulation eines Anti-Horizontes, looks beautiful and it’s available online at Rivera and Rivera. It’s a giclée though, and personally I wouldn’t buy a giclée by what you see online.

Zirkulation eines Anti-Horizontes is an edition of 100, sized 22 x 22 inches and is being sold for $275. The print technically isn’t being released until the 4th of July, but you can pre-order it now.

Remi/Rough in California

Remi/Rough sent me some pics today from his time in San Fransisco for the Never A Dull Moment show at White Walls SF. For me, the highlight is definitely this wall he painted with Joker, Poesia, Kofie, Codak, Kema and Diel. Here are some slightly more detailed shots:

Here’s Remi’s wall in the White Walls show:

And of course, I can’t mention this group show with mentioning Anthony Lister. Great piece. Glad to see he can paint interesting pictures without using superheroes:

Finally, Augustine Kofie: