Kid Acne in Brooklyn

A little late but still warrants attention. It seems as though Kid Acne has rolled through Brooklyn recently and has left a trail of characters interspersed throughout the streets. Becki Fuller just posted some shots over at her blog StreetSpot that she shares with Luna Park of the most recent work. Also in this post are more Kid Acne pieces as shot by Jaime Rojo and Tristan Eaton on Brooklyn Street Art. A veritable army of these little guys. Nice to see people putting up work in the winter. That Fade though….

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Great print deals

I’ve found two deals on screen prints that have popped up recently.

Over at, they are giving away a free print by A.CE with orders over £50. My suggestion would be to get the Shepard Fairey issue of Arkitip Magazine for £59.99 because you get a print by Fairey and one by A.CE for not much at all when you think of how much a print might usually cost. More info here.



Or just just £60 you can take your pick of prints from artists like Sweet Toof, Kid Acne and Dscreet from the Seven Styles for Seven Brothers show at The Archipelago Works.

Kid Acne
Kid Acne
Sweet Toof
Sweet Toof

Kid Acne Solo @ Stella Dore

Kid Acne Stella

Next week at Stella Dore is the opening of Kid Acne’s first London solo show. I’m a big fan of Kid Acne’s work, so I’ll definitely be there.

From Stella Dore:

Part exhibition, part installation, the show will be a concoction of iconography and imagery inspired by Freemasonry, Demonology and Paganism. ‘Smoke and Mirrors‘ opens on 2nd April.

Kid Acne Warrior
Photo by jontintinjordan

New Stella Dore Space

This week, Stella Dore expanded and reopened on the street art oasis that is Rivington Street. I suppose I’m a bit late to be posting the flyer for their grand opening night, but I didn’t make it over until yesterday afternoon.

The new space is bigger, nicer, and easier to find. It’s just a block from Black Rat Press and Behind the Shutters, so there’s no reason not to check it out if you’re in the area.

Right now, there’s work from some really talented artists, including Shock1 and Eelus.

Prices are reasonible too. I picked up a great Kid Acne spray can for just £30. I don’t expect it to fetch much at Bonhams or anything, but I like Kid Acne’s work.

Best of all, they’ve got a couple Banksy Christmas cards. Thanks to Romanywg for the tip there.