Kickstarter for LNY, Gaia, Nanook and Mata Ruda

Gaia, Nanook, Mata Ruda and LNY are trying to raise some money on Kickstarter to paint some arabber stables in Baltimore. Arabbers are fruit venders who sell fruit on the street from horse-drawn carts. Gaia already painted one mural at their stable last summer.

These four artists are all known as talented muralists, but they also do great sketches. Which is lucky because funders of the project can get some very affordable sketches for helping out.

Check out more about the mural project here.

Kickstarters from Swoon and Nosego

Nosego (left) and Swoon (right)
Nosego (left) and Swoon (right)

Both Swoon and Nosego are involved in active Kickstarter projects that are fundraising right now.

Swoon is headed back to¬†Haiti for the latest iteration of the Konbit Shelter Project. That Kickstarter is looking to raise $30,000 to build their third building in a small town in Haiti. The money will primarily go to purchasing building materials and paying community members to help the Konbit Shelter team with construction. This time around, the hope is that the team will be able to use building techniques that are more affordable and sustainable than ever before. After the third building is finished, a book will be published explaining the techniques that Konbit Shelter has been honing for the past three years so that they can be used by others. You can contribute to that project here. Rewards include lots of beautiful artwork. And here’s a video about the project:

Nosego’s project is a sort of followup to the highly addictive iPhone game Catball Eats It All, a game which extensively features artwork by Nosego. The new game being developed is Rusty the Rainbow Whale. Again, all the graphics will be based on paintings by Nosego, and the plot of the game sounds a lot like him too: Rusty the Rainbow Whale can make a giant rainbow by eating tasty hamburgers, and he waits to make a rainbow so large that it makes everyone in the world smile simultaneously, so he has to eat a lot of hamburgers. The project needs $5,000 to help fund the game’s development. You can help fund the game and learn more by going here. Rewards include lots of Rusty-related products and artwork, or even your very own Nosego mural.

Photos by RJ Rushmore

Weekend link-o-rama

LNY in Baltimore

Caroline and I were in Baltimore this week checking out Open Walls Baltimore. If you have the chance, definitely make a trip over there. Full posts about Baltimore coming soon. Point is, between Baltimore and moving this weekend, I’ve been lax this week. Things should return to normal on Wednesday or Thursday, but in the mean time, here’s what I’ve been meaning to post about:

Photo by RJ Rushmore