The Urban Artist in Hamburg

From June 9th-14, the guys at Circleculture Gallery will put on a traveling exhibit starting in Hamburg entitled The Urban Artist. Featuring works by American and European artists, the show will highlight the stylings of contemporary urban artists bringing their art indoors today. The line-up includes: Jaybo Monk, Aaron Rose, Christian Awe, Anton Unai, XOOOOX, Stefan Strumbel, Kelsey Brookes, Marco “pho” Grassi, Marcel Walldorf, Various & Gould, Hellie Mardhal, Jonathan Yeo, Kevin Earl Taylor and Katrin Fridriks. A good mix of street and fine artists, the show puts together names that haven’t really been shown together before, which is an interesting twist.

Jaybo Monk

Kelsey Brookes Gets Bigger, Brighter, Bolder

Kelsey Brookes

Don’t think Kelsey Brookes‘ new show, Bigger, Brighter, Bolder has been mentioned here yet. It opens Friday, November 20th at Quint Contemporary Art in San Diego. Kelsey’s both a great artist and a lovely human being so I’m really looking forward to spending some time with him and seeing these pieces, which look awesome in these progress pics, in person.

Kelsey Brookes

See a few more studio shots over on SlamxHype.

Images Courtesy Ross Morrison.

MNMNT Snowboards

I might actually buy one of these. MNMNT Snowboards makes snowboards (duh) with great artwork. Snowboarding is pretty much the highlight of my winters, but it can be nearly impossible to get a board with cool artwork. MNMNT might just be changing that.

Welcome to the 2009-10 MNMNT Snowboard collection. Each season Creative Director, Christopher Glancy curates an ever-growing pedigree of artists to create site-specific art and deliver the highest quality product on the market.

Turning our back to momentary trends, vapid graphic design and company branding, we focus on the visual impact and technical superiority of our boards. Our dedication to provide premium products drives us to search for new and unique approaches to enhance riders’ snowboard lifestyles worldwide.

Started in 2001, based on a collective of Mid-Atlantic artists, Monument Snowboards was started and driven by art.  Providing unique products to riders.  Today, that collective is worldwide, with many artists across the globe contributing to our vision.

Here are two of my favorite boards:

The 777 by Richard Colman
The 777 by Richard Colman
Memento Mori by Kelsey Brookes