The Humble and Sublime: El Mac at Joshua Liner Gallery

There’s less than two weeks until El Mac’s upcoming solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC. While Mac is best known for his murals, he’s also active in the studio producing work for galleries.

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like most of the show will consist of Mac’s stunning acrylic on panel pieces. The first time I saw one of these was earlier this year Joshua Liner’s summer group show, and it was definitely one of my favorite works there.

The Humble and Sublime opens on October 14th and will be El Mac’s first New York solo show.

Photos courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery

Kris Kuksi at SCOPE Basel 2010

Here is an overview of one of the most interesting exhibits at SCOPE Basel in Switzerland.  Presented by the Joshua Liner Gallery, Kris Kuksi displayed some of his best work to date.  With an incredibly meticulous attention to detail, Kuksi’s lifelike miniature sculpture scenes are realistic portrayals of grandeur odes to history.  No matter how long one views this masterpieces, one will still miss out on minute details of the skilled craftsmanship.  Below are some of the photos of the pieces, but click here to see magnified views of the works.

Colonel Wilhelm Von Howitzerhead
Pluto and Persephone
Eros at Play

Photos courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery

The Barnstormers come to NYC in March

According to The World’s Best Ever, The Barnstormers, David Ellis’ art collective, has a show at Joshua Liner opening March 18th. Should be really great.

Here are just some of the artists in the show:
Alex Lebedev, Alice Mazorra, Bluster One, Che Jen, Chris Mendoza, Chuck Webster, David Ellis, Dennis McNett, Doze Green, GION, Guillermo Carrion, James Lynch, Joey Garfield, Jose Parla, Kenji Hirata, Kiku Yamaguchi, KR, MADSAKI, Manny Pangilinan (WELLO), Martin Mazorra, Maya Hayuk, Mikal Hameed, Mike Houston, Mike Ming, Miyuki Pai Hirai, Naomi Kazama, Pema Brush, Romon Kimin Yang (Rostarr), Shie Moreno, Swoon, West One, Yuri Shimojo and more.