Living Walls hits Miami

Jaz. Click image to view large. Photo by Jaz

Even the Atlanta-based mural conference Living Walls managed to make it to Miami this year for Art Basel Miami. Partnering with Primary Flight, Living Walls organized spots for Jaz, Know Hope and Ever. Mike Pearce caught photos of the walls in progress and after they were finished, and here are some of his pictures:

Know Hope
Jaz working on a mural
Jaz working on a mural
Ever's mural in progress
Ever working on his mural

Photos by Mike Pearce and Jaz

Weekend link-o-rama

Jaz and Laguna in Madrid (click to view large)

This week just keeps getting better. Looks like we’ve got a bit of NYC coming to Philadelphia with a show curated by Matt Siren. Here’s what I meant to blog about this week:

Photo by Jaz

The street art culture of Argentina

Other, Ever and Jaz

This documentary about street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina gives a great sense of the scene, the people and the culture that make up their street art community. It includes interviews with a number of Argentinian artists, including Jaz and Ever. I liked the video, but if that description doesn’t sound like your thing, just skip ahead to 10 minutes in, because the story of José Carlos Martinat Mendoza’s time in Argentina is one that you definitely have to hear.

Paredes Robadas from Ian Moubayed on Vimeo.

Photo by Other

Thank you Atlanta/Living Walls

Drew Tyndell, Ben Niznik and Derek Bruno

Over the last week or so, there have been a lot fewer posts on Vandalog than usual. Two reasons for that: This week I’ve been spending time with my family and relaxing, but last week it was because I was in Atlanta for the second annual Living Walls Conference. It was a crazy few days, resulting in some beautiful new murals for Atlanta (like these from Gaia, Nanook and Escif). I’ll be posting more of those murals over the next few days.

For now, I’d like to focus on a massive thank you to all of the volunteers, organizers, artists, speakers and sponsors at Living Walls. In particular, all the volunteers who spent their own money on gas to practically act as personal drivers to all of us without a means of transportation. And while there’s a long list of sponsors, here’s a little shout out to those that I had the pleasure of connecting with: Sam Flax South, Eyedrum, Dodekapus, Atlanta Beltline, Streetela, The Goat Farm, MOCAGA and The Sound Table. The artists and speakers at Living Walls are some of the most talented around, but they are also some of the most fun. So thank you to everyone involved in Living Walls on any level for all the hard work. It was an honor to be invited to speak, and I hope to return again next year.

Evereman projecting onto Jaz at The Sound Table

Photos by Drew Tyndell and Evereman