Weekend link-o-rama

PAL Crew wall in NYC
PAL Crew wall in NYC

I’m in London this week, and next, so come and find me wandering around Shoreditch. Just a few links today.

Photo by Luna Park

Weekend link-o-rama


Today I’m finishing my exams and packing up my dorm. Sunday, it’s off to London. Can’t wait. Here’s what I’ve been distracting myself with this week:

Photo courtesy of Trustocorp

Stormie Mills curates “For, Against, the Truth”

Three pieces by Jordan Seiler

Stormie Mills asked some of his favorite artists to paint three self-portraits from different perspectives. The result of that brief is For, Against, the Truth, a show opening this week at Linton & Kay Contemporary  Art in Perth, Australia. The show includes Vandalog regulars Remi/Rough, John Fekner and Jordan Seiler, as well as Kenton Parker, Jaybo Monk, Matt Doust, Marco ‘Pho’ Grassi, Jade Palmer, Amanda Lynn and Darren Henderson.

Photo by Jordan Seiler, flyer courtesy of Remi/Rough

Weekend link-o-rama

Snyder, a tribute to Kase2 (RIP) by Krush, Dame and Evol and other pieces

You know what’s really nice? Sleep. Hence, this weekend is a blessing. For now, life is school school school and more school. Hopefully there’s still a trip to NYC in my near future though… Here’s what has been going on around the internet and on the street:

Photo by Snyder

Never a Dull Moment at White Walls

This looks like a pretty cool show. iO Wright has brought together an eclectic mix of artists for Never a Dull Moment, which opens in a few weeks at White Walls in San Fransisco. Personally, I’m most excited to see new work from Armsrock.

White Walls is proud to present Never a Dull Moment, a group show curated by iO Wright. Never a Dull Moment will transform the gallery into a cohesive environment that embraces all mediums of creativity from sixteen artists. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, February 6th, 2010, from 7-11pm.

Never a Dull Moment features Anthony Lister, Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Jaybo Monk, Angela Boatwright, Augustine Kofie, Dave Potes, Jonathan Darby, Ray Potes, Remi Rough, iO Wright, Erik Otto, Cheryl Dunn, Armsrock, Dave Schubert, Sam Ash and Clayton Brothers. iO Wright has chosen these artists for their “get your hands dirty” and “don’t worry just do” mentality. Without considering outside forces, they are urged to continuously create and express themselves. With shared roots in graffiti art, this group has a flare for action, immediacy, and unpredictability. Never a Dull Moment exposes viewers to the creative mind’s raw inner workings and draws distinct parallels between everyday immediate expression and fine art.

Never a Dull Moment will be a transformation of the gallery space into a chaotic, organic environment close to the heart of the artistic process. Film, sculpture, installation, and large-scale wheat paste can be expected from this multi media, multi talented group of artists. Embracing the connection between photography and fine art, Never a Dull Moment will meld the two together just as they are in everyday life. Several artists including Jaybo Monk, Remi Rough, Erik Otto, Augustine Kofie and Jonathan Darby plan to create a site-specific installation to accompany their works in the gallery. The installation will no doubt be interactive and multi sensory, with few white walls in sight.

iO Wright is a photography based artist, writer, and curator. Along with co-founding the street art quarterly, Overspray Magazine, iO curated Climb in the Back Window at Shadow’s Space Gallery in Philadelphia in 2009. Keeping close tabs on urban art, she has also interviewed such influential artists as Shepard Fairey and Erik Foss. This exhibition is curated by iO Wright and sponsored by White Walls, Hamburger Eyes, and New Order Magazine.

The opening reception of Never a Dull Moment at White Walls Gallery will be held on Saturday, February 6th, 2010 from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be on display through February 27th, 2010 and is open to the public.

Remi and Jaybo

Remi/Rough and Jaybo took part in an event the other night in Berlin to raise money for an organization that builds wells in Africa. They each started working on a painting, then swapped and worked on the other’s piece, then swapped back to finish the paintings. Great looking results. These are some of my favorite Jaybo pieces.

And here’s a little bonus, a piece that Remi/Rough painted outside of Santander, Spain:

Two galleries worth a mention

Two gallery shows to mention today.

First, a show that surpised me. Last time Jaybo had a solo show in London, it wasn’t for me. Naturally, I didn’t rush to see Jaybo’s new paintings at Signal Gallery. Earlier this week, I made it over and I have to say I liked this new work much more.




Still not something I’m super pumped about, but at least I enjoyed stopping by, and there were one or two portraits of girls (like the one above) that I could see on my walls at home.

And the second gallery I need to mention is one that I’m very curious and excited about. As Black Rat Press closes up shop for the summer and the Matt Small paintings come down from the walls, you will still be able to find work from Matt and fellow BRP artist Luc Price over in New York City at Glowlab. July 30th is the opening of X: The Multiples Exhibition at Glowlab. Here’s the PR on that show:

Glowlab is pleased to present the group show X: The Multiples Exhibition, bringing together thirteen artists producing works linked via their mode of production. The artists included have published, screen-printed, photographed, performed and sculpted pieces that are identical either in manufacture or concept. The show’s title refers not only to the mathematical function of multiplication, but also to the crossing of aesthetic, commercial and conceptual boundaries when art is made in multiples.

So basically, Matt and Luc are showing screenprints. Matt’s prints are always as lovely as his paintings, which is exciting, and I have no idea what Luc is going to do, as his recent gallery work has been so different from his street work as Cyclops, and he has never done a print (to my knowledge) under his real name before. Looking forward to the pictures.

Jaybo at Nancy Victor Gallery

Last night was the opening of Jaybo’s “The Pocket Show” at Nancy Victor Gallery. I couldn’t make it for the opening, but I stopped by this afternoon.


My friend Rachel and I had split views on the show. For me, although Jaybo is definitely a good painter, it just isn’t my kind of work. Rachel, on the other hand, really liked it. Overall, I’d say it’s a good show, just not for the typical street art fan.

Jaybo’s work is definitely different from what street art fans come to expect. So many of us are used to low-quality stencils, but Jaybo actually knows how to paint. Reminds me of Elbowtoe’s distortion of bodies, but painted.



The really cool work there has to be piece that Jaybo made out of painted match sticks.

Although it wasn’t really my sort of show, Jaybo is talented, and people who prefer a bit more of a painterly style than most street art should really enjoy it.

Photos from Remi