Web hosting craziness link-o-rama

Photo by Luna Park

For the last week or so until today, we’ve been in the process changing Vandalog’s web hosts. No need to get into the technical details, but now the site should run more smoothly and with less downtime. Unfortunately it means that we haven’t been able to write anything new on the site since that process began (everything that’s gone online was pre-scheduled). So this is a mega-link-o-rama combining the usual weekend link-o-rama content with stuff that I could have written about last week even if I’d had the time.

Photo by Luna Park

Jay “J.SON” Edlin’s GRAFFITI 365 Presents an Ambitious Survey of Graffiti & Street Art

Cover photo by Martha Cooper

Featured in USA Today’s Pop Candy blog as one of three coffee table book recommendations, Graffiti 365 by Jay “J.SON” Edlin is much more. An ambitious global survey of the key graffiti writers and street artists of our time, it serves too as an ideal reference guide.  Here is a small sampling of images that accompany the writing:

Deuce 7, photo by Luna Park
Hargadon, photo by Becki Fuller
Stinkfish, photo courtesy of Stinkfish
Faber, photo courtesy of Faber
Banksy @ Cans Festival, photo by Lois Stavsky

Jay will be at Art Basel Miami Beach in early December. Meanwhile, my favorite post-publication photo is the one captured of former NYC mayor Ed Koch, who waged an aggressive campaign against graffiti back in the 80’s, signing GRAFFITI 365. (Thanks, Jay, for sharing it!)

Photos courtesy of Jay Edlin