Weekend link-o-rama

Jack Murray aka Panik ATG

Exciting week next week: Troy Lovegates and Labrona will be coming to Haverford to paint a mural here, so look forward to some pictures of that… If I find the charger for my camera. Also, I’ve taken the plunge and I’m finally on Instagram. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Photo by Jack Murray

Weekend link-o-rama

A wall in Munich

Sorry this is coming a day late, but Thanksgiving and related activities took priority. Here’s what I missed posting about this week:

Photo by Luna Park

The Future Tense presents SPECTRA I


The Future Tense have another pop-up show opening soon in London: SPECTRA I. It’s the first in a 3-part series of shows with artists whose work has a particular focus on color. The highlights of part one look to be Haroshi, who makes sculptures out of skateboards, and James Marshall aka Dalek, who will be putting out a new etching at SPECTRA I. The show opens at 28 Redchurch Street in Shoreditch on November 24th and runs through December 18th.

James Marshall

Photos courtesy of The Future Tense

Some NY art fair suggestions

EVOL will be at the WILDE Gallery booth at Volta

With two midterms exams tomorrow, I’m rushing this post, but here’s a simple list for some of what to check out at the art fairs in New York this week.

I won’t be in NYC for the fairs myself, but I’ll hopefully have some photos to post. Otherwise, the places I will be getting my art fair news will be Hyperallergic and Arrested Motion.

Photo courtesy of Volta Art Fair