INSA – Tights & Leggings Mixtape

In anticipation of INSA and Inkie’s European summer exhibit, Fools Gold, Dj Kokoro has made a very special mix tape especially for this upcoming event.

Bristol legend Inkie and London graffiti fetishist INSA will be traveling across Europe, painting murals in London, Brussels and Berlin, finally arriving in Warsaw to hang their first ever collaborative exhibition of paintings and limited edition prints. Tights and Leggings will be the official afterparty of the Fool’s Gold launch party in Warsaw on June 11th.

DJ Kokoro has many different beats in his bag, mainly focusing on various style of dubstep, going through UK-garage, grime and reggae, while also playing dubplates from his own ‘Neo Tokyo Bass’ crew. Based where the name suggests, the NTB ‘push pure vibes of their origin through the filter of dubstep beat science’.

Download Tights & Leggings Mix vol.3 HERE

Bristol Graffiti Show – Crimes of Passion

I probably won’t be able to make it to this, but if you live it Bristol it sounds fantastic.

Crimes Of Passion: Street Art in Bristol

This Spring Bristol’s oldest and grandest gallery, the Royal West Of England Academy is throwing open all 5 of it’s galleries to host a major show by 50 of the city’s best known and most successful graffiti and street artists. This is the first major show of its kind in the city since the Arnolfini’s groundbreaking 1985 show, Graffiti Art and is a full-blown celebration of the city’s rich and diverse contemporary scene.

Bristol has nurtured many of the UK’s most successful graffiti and street artists, including 3D, Inkie, Banksy, Nick Walker, Sickboy, Cyclops and TCF Crew, to name but a few. The city continues to be a breeding ground for a wealth of exceptional creative talent and continues to have one of the UK’s most diverse and thriving scenes.

Crimes Of Passion takes the love of (and heartfelt dedication to) the art form as its starting point, but is far from a typical gallery retrospective, all the artists will be showing completely new work, as well as installation pieces and working both directly onto (and into) the walls of the gallery.

Crimes of Passion will also include a city-wide programme of large-scale painting, a photographic exhibition,a film season at local arts cinema The Cube  ( and a series of workshops and talks.

Exhibition venue:
Royal West of England Academy, Queen’s Rd, Bristol

Exhibition dates:
21st March – 2nd May

Artists involved in the show include Cyclops, Inkie, Mudwig, Nick Walker, Sickboy, Xenz and many many many more.

If anybody goes, please let me know how it is.